JCM Europa

Aims of the JCM-Conference

  1. The JCM Conference exists to promote dialogue, understanding and solidarity amongst members of the three Abrahamic faiths - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
  2. We strive to ensure that dialogue can occur in all elements of the conference, both structured and unstructured.
  3. We work on the assumption that this dialogue is best achieved through personal encounter between individuals in a safe and respectful environment. In such an environment all participants agree to take responsibility for maintaining the norms of behaviour which have made up the "culture" of the conference over the years::
    • moderation in expressing opinions and interpersonal behaviour
    • openness to discussing political issues in a contained and structured environment
    • respect for the integrity of each religious tradition
  4. Participants of the conference speak for themselves alone. They are not representatives of their faith, their community, nation or ethnic group.

Work in the Discussion Groups (J/C/M)

  1. Make sure that everyone has the opportunity to speak.
  2. Make sure tht everything is translated.
  3. Make sure that all session start and end on time.
  4. All participants are encouraged to take responsibility for the running of the group.
  5. Do not talk about what "others" or "they" think or do.
  6. We speak out of personal experience and not as "representatives".
  7. Be prepared to express when or are hurt or disturbed.
  8. What is said in a group should be treated confidentially.