JCM Europa


JCM explores problems that all three religions are confronted with. As we reflect on those issues, we are able to determine our similarities and accept each others differences.

Since JCM is based on trust and respect towards the other, we abstain from making common statements or resolutions. All participants are invited to bring their personal experiences back to their communities.

The vitality of the conference is especially achieved by the lectures, the debate in various discussion groups and forums, as well as through creative work in small groups which include, art, drama and text studies.

At the end of the week the services of each religion are celebrated and every participant is invited to participate in those ceremonies as as far as he wishes or feels able to. Apart from the services there are also times of meditation and the possibility of the study of each religion's most important texts.

The JCM-Conferences are organised by a team which consists of representatives of all three religions in order to meet the specific needs and sensibilities of each religious community, especially in respect of food and times of prayer. Still, mistakes are inevitable, therefore every participant is invited to tell his/her concerns to one of the team members.

JCM is organised by volunteers and is supported by the following organisations: Leo Baeck College - Centre of Jewish Education in London, Deutsche Muslim-Liga in Bonn, Bendorfer Forum e.V., ├ľkumenische Werkstatt Wuppertal und the Centre for the Study of Islam & Christian-Muslim Relations of the University of Birmingham.

JCM-conferences are open to participants of all three religions as far as they are willing to engange in a dialogue which is based on respect, openess and responsibility towards the Other.